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Typical Spanish sweets


Spain is known for its delicious gastronomy, and its selection of typical sweets is no exception. Here are some of the most popular Spanish sweets:

  1. Churros with chocolate: This is perhaps the most well-known Spanish sweet. Churros are strips of dough fried in oil, and they are usually served with a cup of hot chocolate to dip them in.
  2. Turrón: Turrón is a sweet made of almonds, sugar, and honey. It comes in different varieties, but the most common is the hard one, which is similar to nougat. It is commonly consumed during Christmas.
  3. Polvorones: Polvorones are small, cake-like sweets made of flour, sugar, and lard. They are typical of the Christmas season and are often eaten with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
  4. Rosquillas: Rosquillas are ring-shaped sweets made with flour, sugar, and eggs. There are several types, but the most popular are anise-flavored rosquillas, which have a taste of anise.
  5. Flan: Flan is a dessert made of milk, eggs, and sugar. It is cooked in a mold and then flipped over to serve on a plate. It is a smooth and creamy delight that is served cold.
  6. Stuffed churros: A variant of the classic churros, stuffed churros have a crunchy exterior layer but a soft and creamy filling of cream or chocolate. They are a delicious option for a sweet treat.
  7. Buñuelos: Buñuelos are a dough fried in oil, similar to churros, but usually made with pumpkin and served with honey.
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