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Top 10 bars/pubs on La Costa Tropical to take a drink


La Costa Tropical, located in the province of Granada, Spain, is known for its beautiful coastline and charming towns. While it may not have as many pubs as larger cities like Granada, there are still several places where you can enjoy a drink and soak in the coastal atmosphere. Here's a list of ten popular pubs on La Costa Tropical:

  1. Chiringuito de la Bahía (Almuñécar) - A beachfront bar offering refreshing drinks and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Bar Playa Calabajío (La Herradura) - Situated right by the beach, this bar is perfect for enjoying a drink while watching the sunset.
  3. Chiringuito El Caleidoscopio (Salobreña) - Known for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious cocktails, this beach bar is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
  4. Bar El Barco (La Herradura) - A cozy pub with a nautical theme, offering a wide selection of drinks and friendly service.
  5. Chiringuito Calabajío (La Herradura) - Another beachfront bar where you can enjoy cocktails and seafood with your toes in the sand.
  6. Bar Pata Palo (Almuñécar) - A lively pub in the heart of Almuñécar, known for its live music and welcoming atmosphere.
  7. Chiringuito La Guardia (La Herradura) - This beach bar is popular for its chilled vibe, tasty snacks, and refreshing drinks.
  8. Chiringuito Los Marinos (Salobreña) - Located right on the beach, this bar offers a relaxed setting and delicious seafood dishes.
  9. Bar La Galera (Almuñécar) - A traditional Spanish bar serving a variety of drinks and tapas, perfect for a casual night out.
  10. Chiringuito Cantarriján (Almuñécar) - Situated on the picturesque Cantarriján beach, this bar offers cocktails, snacks, and sun loungers for a relaxing day by the sea.

These pubs and beach bars offer a mix of atmospheres, from laid-back beach vibes to lively evening entertainment, making them great spots to unwind and enjoy the coastal ambiance of La Costa Tropical.
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