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The mango of Motril


Dear guest, the mango is an exquisite tropical fruit that is produced at the highest level on the Costa Tropical of Granada. They know a lot about this at "Mangos del Cielo", a family business from Motril that has been producing excellent quality mangoes for 25 years and which were pioneers in marketing their products through online shopping.

Nowadays they also produce tropical fruits such as cherimoya, avocados ...

Located in the heart of the Costa Tropical is the Finca el Portichuelo. This is how the garden has been known for years, until an acquaintance visited it and exclaimed: "If heaven (which means cielo in Spanish) is like this, I will start to be good." Since then, Finca el Portichuelo has been called "EL CIELO".

Mangos del Cielo is the result of a family business that for years has worked its lands directly with care and dedication; until their products are of excellent quality.

Mango Properties

Regarding the vitamins, a 200 gram mango provides about 60 mg of vitamin C, which represents 60% of the recommended daily dose.
It also has vitamin E that reduces the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases and vitamin A, necessary for normal growth and development of tissues.

Mango is a low calorie fruit with a contribution of 56-65 cal / 100 g and 83% water.

Rich in minerals and trace elements, it is a good source of potassium. It allows a stabilization of blood pressure compensating for excess sodium, iron and copper.

Mango is also rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and fibers, which promote intestinal transit.

It contains a large amount of carotene, excellent for the eyes and the skin.
Potassium: 145-150 mg / 100
Iron: 1 -1'2 mg
Calcium: 20-22 mg / 100 g
Magnesium: 8-9 mg / 100 g
Phosphorus: 22-25 mg
Fiber: 1-2'3 g
Calories: 56-65 cal / 100 g
Vitamins: A-C-E

Mango is becoming increasingly popular accompanying any kind of food. Its texture and flavor make it suitable for all kinds of dishes, sweet or savory.

The company Trops opens a factory in Motril

Trops, the largest national avocado and mango marketer with more than 3,000 farmers, and the first transnational producer organization in Andalusia, with avocado producing partners from Portugal, has chosen Motril to open its second headquarters in the province of Granada.

The objective of the agrarian transformation society is to bring its services closer to its partners in the area -almost half a thousand and with great growth potential-, while facilitating the reception of the fruit, since the facilities will prevent them from having They have to travel to Vélez -Málaga to take their production.

The second Trops factory, which will be in Motril is located in the warehouse of a former vehicle concessionaire of about 2,500 square meters of surface that the agrarian transformation society has already adapted to be able to receive the fruit from its partners in the municipalities of the Granada coast.

The mango harvest takes place between the months of July and November, with September and October being the ones with the highest production, coinciding with the harvest of the Osteen variety, which is the majority in the Axarquía and the Costa Tropical.

Dear guest, when you are in one of our villas, do not miss the moment to taste our rich tropical fruits, especially the mango that has an exquisite flavor and multiple properties.