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The Drink of the Summer - Tinto de Verano


Dear sun worshipper, You were ever wondering if the Spanish love to drink red wine also in the summer? The answer is a clear YES, but in a very unique and tasty way. Have a look.... Their favorite summer drink is called Tinto de Verano - "Red Wine of the Summer". This red wine mixture is served ice cold and with a fresh slice of lemon. This wine cocktail with its fruity flavour is similar to its popluar relative "The Sangría", but simpler and none the less even more delicious! It is usually prepared with 1 part red wine and 1 part soda. 
  1. 1 bottel of red wine "vino tinto joven"
  2. 1 litre of soda water (lemonflavour)
  3. slice of lemon and/or orange.
  4. iceSangria is often considered "touristy", while Tinto de Verano is not. Come and enjoy the sunshine like a Spaniard on your private pool terrace with stunning sea view and a homemade sweet wine drink.   
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