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The Decalogue of the VIlla


- The Decalogue of the Villa

1. Total disinfection.

All Grandes Villas-Diobca staff have been provided with the appropiate security measures (masks, gloves, hand sanitizing liquid ...). The villas are fully disinfected using quality disinfecting products. Disinfection products authorized and advised by the Health Authorities against COVID-19.

2. Use of ozone cannons.

What is Ozone O3?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), it is the most effective and fastest natural disinfectant known to eliminate all types of microorganisms.

After performing its function, it is converted back to oxygen. It does not accumulate, it does not contaminate food, it does not leave residues and it is respectful with the environment.

The most important:

With Ozone concentrations of 0.1-0.2 mg / L. min. 99% inactivity of rotavirus and polio virus is achieved, among other pathogens studied, belonging to the same Group IV of Coronaviruses.

IMPORTANT: After disinfection, Diobca team will proceed to convenient ventilation, since it is a very important step in the ozone disinfection.

3. Pool far from crowds.

According to the WHO, a well-treated swimming pool does not pose any danger. However, in community/shared swimming pools/ hot tubs, they advise keeping the same distances as outside them.

What happens when you rent a villa with Grandes Villas?

All our villas have a PRIVATE pool. You will not have to share any space. The pools are treated at least once a week. Our pool guys, duly equipped with their  safety measures, control the quality of the water parameters, Chlorine and PH (and salinity, if the pool is salt water). We use bromine or chlorine for our hot tubs

Why do we like swimming pools/hot tub so much?

The pool is a way to spend quality time with your children. It gives the adult the peace of mind of keeping their little ones under control without losing sight of them. You will be able to read that book you wanted so much while enjoying our sun and stunning sea and mountains views, control your business through our Fiber Optic networks, see that series that you have been waiting to see, learn new recipes ... and all just a few meters from the pool .

4. Privacy, privacy and more privacy.

Our villas are located on plots of 1,000 m2 (10.764 square foot) on average. All with private pools, many even heated, Jacuzzi, garden  with sea and mountains as background. Located in privileged residential areas with limited access and traffic, and no more than 4 kilometers from shops and beaches. If you wish, you  do not have to interact with crowds of people.

5. Heat could positively affect virus extermination.

Spain has the most tropical climate in all Europe. Where would the name” Costa Tropical” (Granada) come from? We grow various tropical fruits because we have a microclimate that generates life and is the envy of the rest of the world. With average temperatures of 30/32 ºC in the summer, any positive effect that heat has on the virus is enhanced in our region.

The Costa Tropical (Granada) is one of the few places in the world where you can go skiing in the Sierra Nevada in the morning and swim in the Mediterranean  seain the afternoon.

6. What happens to crowded places?

Most markets have adapted, both small and large, to provide a shipping or collection service. If you do not want to move, one of the Grandes Villas partners makes the collection, disinfection and delivery of the purchase available to your vacation villa:

7. And restaurants?

Restaurants are doing their best to serve customers. The restaurants on la Costa Tropical will begin to offer the collection service and initiatives, like glass panels, could start to be seen shortly.

Grandes Villas wants to make a dossier for our clients during these coming months. It is a totally altruistic measure. The only objective is to offer a more complete service to our clients (information is power). If any COSTA TROPICAL business is going to take any of the aforementioned initiatives (or any other), we encourage you to contact us at [email protected] and specify which are the measures that you are going to implement to give more security to your customers. We will be happy to include any tourist business at no cost. We do not want to discriminate against any business, but we believe that it is a good service to inform travellers about the measures we are taking.

8. And the beaches?

Thanks to the good work of the Authorities and the population in general, the infection rate has been almost null in Salobreña and Almuñécar.

Authorities in Almuñécar informed about its intention to open the beaches with restrictions and in a staggered manner for this summer. It seems that the promenades and beaches will not be the same but we will be able to sunbathe and swim while respecting the security measures.


9. Quality connection.

The Costa Tropical has three nearby airports, Malaga, Granada and Almería. Malaga Airport stands out, being the fourth with the most air traffic in Spain. The large number of direct flights from any European country shortens the duration of the tourist's trip. It has numerous car rental agencies, both in terminals and in the surroundings. Grandes Villas clients have a 10% discount with a local company near Malaga airport.

The A7 motorway has some of the newest tracks of the Spanish road network.

Traffic is usually smooth and in less than an hour and a quarter you can reach the Costa Tropical. This highway allows an excellent and fast connection with the most beautiful cities and towns in Andalusia. In just an hour, you will be able to see the Alhambra, contemplate Sierra Nevada or stroll through Plaza Bib-Rambla.                                                                                                                            

Do you want transfer services?

Grandes Villas makes it easy for you. Our partner will pick you up, with mask and gloves, at the terminal with the convenient sign with the client's name and after having previously sterilized the car, we will only need your flight number.

 10. Traveling is cheaper now, and we really want to travel!

The price of gasoline reflects historical lows, the industry reinvents itself and tourism does not want to lose its customers. A more complete service is given for a fairer price. We all reinvent ourselves and adapt.

Citizens are eager to get out and breathe fresh air, soak up that sea breeze, listen to the breaking of the waves, taste a plate of fried fish in our favorite beach bar, see our children and adults walking towards the beach, listen to our customers ask "Where can I get tickets for The Alhambra?" when they have been sold out for months, and above all, to value what we had and how little we valued.