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Tabernas Desert (Almería): the only desert in whole Europe


Dear guest, the Tabernas Desert Natural Park is located north of the city of Almería, between the Filabres and Alhamilla mountains, which isolate it from the humid currents of the nearby Mediterranean Sea. It occupies an area of ​​280 square kilometers and has a height above sea level between 260 and 952 meters. It is located between the municipalities of Tabernas, Gádor, Santa Cruz de Marchena, Alboloduy and Gérgal. It presents rills, slopes, watercourses and dry riverbeds, desert and desolation. It has a landscape transported from the rich seabed of the Mediterranean Sea to these calcined and arid plains of Almeria, where a feeling of uncertainty, uneasiness and astonishment takes hold of a large part of its visitors.

It is considered the only desert area proper of the entire European continent. The place offers a huge and rich variety of environmental resources of interest, especially geologically. Under a sub-arid Mediterranean climate, with rainfall that does not reach 250 mm per year and average temperatures above 17 ° C, Mediterranean-type riverbeds have formed, the well-known "bad lands" that give shape to steppes of grasses.

Regarding the flora, it presents a high number of exclusive endemic species in the area, Iberian North Africanisms and rare species worldwide, which only appear in it and in other points of identical characterization.

Due to the richness of its avifauna, this place was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds. The birds can be observed, above all, in the courses of the ramblas or in the walls where there are places to take refuge and nest. This is the case of the king swift, the Barn swallow, the blue rock trush or the jackdaw. Also noteworthy is the presence of the trumpeter finch and other steppe birds, such as curlew and lark. In addition, reptiles such as the red-tailed lizard, the ladder snake or the ocellated lizard inhabit this unique place.

Since the 1960s, the Tabernas Desert has been the setting for thousands of film and advertising, which has led it to be known as "European Hollywood". The most prestigious actors and directors in the world of cinema have passed through its arid landscapes, such as Steven Spielberg, Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery Harrison Ford…

Dear guest, I recommend you to visit the only desert in Europe that would also only be about 150 kilometers from your villa. I leave the Google Maps link so that you can find it more easily:,-2.3073197,9.25z