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Spanish Vocabulary – Level 3/ Sightseeing at the Alhambra


Even though your villa is truly a beautiful setting for your holidays, you may want to visit the main attraction of the area, which is the world-famous Alhambra of Granada. Please make sure to get tickets upfront, since it is very difficult to get in, without preordered tickets, especially for groups of more than 2 – 4 persons. So much for the details, now let’s get started with the fun part. Why you should visit the Alhambra!? Have a look at the pictures and you will know why ;) But don’t forget about the vocabulary!
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palacio – palace la colina – hill la torre – tower impresionante - impressing fortaleza – fortress el monarca – the monarch la decoración – decoration el arte - arte la ciudad – city la vista – the view comprar entradas  –  to buy tickets                                                 
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puerta – door; also means: gate la justicia - justice monumento – monument excursión – excursion, trip construcción – construction tamaño – size época cristiana – Christian age muselmán – Muslim antiguo – ancient la reconquista – reconquest rey – king arma – weapon
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el árabe – the Arabic language construido en ---- año – build in the year --- el sultán – sultan muralla – wall azulejos – tiles cúpula – dome, cupola     QUIZ Quick reminder of the vocabulary of lesson 2 Question number 1) The Costa Tropical is famous for its beautiful ….? 
  1. playas
  2. montañas
  3. lagos
Question number 2) What should definitely not forget when going to the beach? 
  1. crema solar
  2. helado
  3. gafas de sol
  4. toallaWe wish you a lot of fun answering the questions and we’re looking forward to hear your amazing Spanish, once you are here, staying in your beautiful holiday rental villa with stunning ocean view. PS) The correct answer will be announced in our following blog article “Spanish vocabulary: level 4"
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