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Soportújar, the witches' village


Soportújar, a charming village located in the La Alpujarra Granadina region of Granada, Spain, is known for its rich history and unique cultural traditions. One of these traditions is the legend of the witches of Soportújar, which has given rise to the celebration of the "Night of the Witches" every year in the village.

Legend has it that in the Middle Ages, Soportújar was inhabited by witches who performed spells and rituals in the nearby mountains. It is said that these witches were experts in the manufacture of ointments and magical potions, and that they met in secret to celebrate their nocturnal rituals.

The story of the witches of Soportújar has left a mark on the culture of the village, and has given rise to the celebration of the "Night of the Witches," which takes place every year on the eve of Saint John. During this celebration, the village becomes a magical place full of activities and shows related to occultism and magic.

The "Night of the Witches" is an opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the village, as well as to enjoy its natural beauty. In addition to the celebration, Soportújar has a wide variety of activities for visitors. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the Sierra de la Contraviesa, a mountain range that offers spectacular views of the village and its surroundings.

Visitors can also explore the historic center of Soportújar, which features beautiful old houses and buildings, as well as the Parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel. Other places of interest in Soportújar include the Mirador de la Era, the Museum of the Witches, and the Fuente Agria, a natural mineral water fountain that is known for its healing properties.