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Sacromonte Abbey of Granada


Dear guests today we write here about the Sacromonte abbey of Granada. Everybody who comes to Granada gets enchanted by the beauty of the Alhambra and the Albayzin, but we should talk about another impresive monument in this historical city known by its unknown, mystery and religious appearance. The Sacromonte abbey is a sublime place that the most part of visitors haven't listened about. This religious complex is located on Mount Valparaiso, at the end of the Sacromonte neigbourhood (we also recommend to visit it, click here to see more). It was built after the discovery of the remains of the martyr San Cecilio, what turned this place into a pilgrimage place for catholic people. Even if you are religious or atheist, you cannot lose the opportunity to visit this solemn place surrounded by nature. Although you can arrive by bus or taxi, if you wanna feel and full experience the area you should go by walking: there is a nice and green path that raises the beauty and the aesthetic of this abbey. Apart from the outside views, what will you find in the abbey?

  • The Holy caves

One of the most interesting parts of this visit is the Santas Cuevas, the subway area where the remains of San Cecilio were found. It is an underground tour through several passages that lead to several chapels, an altar and the cave where the remains of the martyr were found.

  • The Lead books

The importance of these ones lies in the uniqueness of these plates with inscriptions in arabic, recounting the martyrdom of St. Cecilius. These books were an attempt by the muslims to save their lives during the christian persecutions by inventing a divine revelation approving the union of Christianity and Islam. 

  • The museum

The Sacromonte Abbey houses a permanent exhibition of great artistic value, such as the original writing of Averroes' Treatise on Medicine, a canticle handwritten by San Juan de la Cruz, several paintings by Granada authors and the only painting by Goya that can be seen in Granada. Also it's possible to see the famous Christ of the Gypsies

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