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Rijana´s beach


Dear guests, the tropical coast has many beaches and coves. You will be able to enjoy its spectacular landscape and the diversity of its nature.
Rijana´s beach is a cove where you can enjoy the tranquility that it offers to us since there is not muchpeople around.

Especially Rijana´s beach, is one of the best in the best in the tropical coast. It is located in the town of Castell de Ferro-Gualchos. By car, you can take the N-340 road after Calahonda. You will have to be careful with the car because the road has some considered curves.

There is also a cove in Rijana´s beach, it has a difficult access due to its steep relief. It is ideal for people who love solitude and quiet places. It is a lovely place. You will be able to enjoy diving among its underwater rocks and see the orange coral characteristic of this area. In it we can also find a ´chirinquito´, which is basically a bar by the sea. You can drink something cold and have lunch or dinner. You can also find places by the sea where you will be able to rent and get Kayak and Paddle surf classes.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Rijana´s beach.
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