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Pharmacies in Spain: there is always one open 24 hours a day


Dear guest, if at any time during your stay you have to buy medicines for different reasons, don't worry. Spain has the network of pharmacies with the largest coverage in Europe.

Spain already has the largest network of community pharmacies in Europe. Here, pharmacies attend a measure of 2,117 inhabitants per pharmacy, which places Spain with the lowest ratios in Europe, far from countries like Denmark, with more than 12,000 inhabitants on average, and the Netherlands with about 6,000; which makes it the closest and most accessible pharmacy on the continent.

And if your problem is that you need to buy medicine in the high hours of the night, there is no problem. In Spain each municipality has at least one pharmacy open 24 hours a day. What happens is that in Spanish municipalities, pharmacies rotate and at least 1 of them must be open 24 hours a day to serve customers outside normal hours. In addition, the most common medications such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or aspirin can be purchased without the need for a prescription.

Next, I will give you a list with some of the pharmacies located in the Costa Tropical: 


-          Farmacia Mateo de la Haza (Motril)
-          Cofares Suroeste Motril S.A. (Motril)
-          Farmacia Romero Martínez (Motril)
-          Farmacia Valenzuela (Salobreña)
-          Ruiz Millán, Nazaret (Salobreña)
-          Farmacia de la Playa Salobreña (Salobreña)
-          Farmacia Caballero Motril (Motril)
-          Farmacia Alaminos Arellano (Salobreña)
-          Farmacia Pérez Medina (Salobreña)
-          Farmacia Sánchez Mariscal C.B (Motril)
-          Cristóbal Herrera García (Salobreña)
-          Farmacia Cruz de Conchas (Motril)
-          Farmacia María Fernández Fernández (Motril)
-          Farmacia Manuel Feriche Linares (Motril)
-          Farmacia Costa del Sol (Almuñécar)
-          Farmacia Valdivia (Motril)