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PaintBall and Karting


Dear guests, in this post we are going to talk about some activities that you will make your stay in Salobrena more fun. 

First of all the activity we are going to talk about is PaintBall. PaintBall is a sporting activity that it has been in fashion for a few years now. It is an adult activity in which a large number of people can participate. It consists of imitating a war between two sides, both of which carry weapons with paintballs. The winner is the team that has one player left without receiving a paintball. All this under good security. 
This activity encourages strategic play, group collaboration and competitiveness. 

The best places in Granada where you can practice PaintBall are the following;

Paintball, La Batalla del Lecrín. It is located in the village of Dúrcal, Granada. The price is between 15 € and 40 € depending on the group of people attending. This place has several scenarios to play, a first scenario set in western movies and another similar to a military battlefield. It also has an area with tables and barbecues where you can spend the day.

PaintBall del Mamut. It is located in the town of Padúl in Granada. The approximate price is between 15€ and 35€. 

PaintBall in Atarfe, Granada. As the name says, it is located in the village of Atarfe, near the capital. The price ranges from 15€ - 50€. It also has several stages, one is a shipyard and another one imitating the Brazilian favelas.

These are the best PaintBall in the Granada area.

Below are the best Karting in the area.

First of all there is the Karting of Campillos. This Karting is located in the village of Campillos, exactly in A-384, Km. 101, 29320 Campillos, Malaga. The prices depend on the time and the type of car (fast, faster). These prices range from 18€ to 80€. This circuit is open air.

In second place is the Karting de Peligros. This Karting is located in the town of Peligros in Granada. Exactly, Parque Comercial Granaita, C. Luis Buñuel, 6, Interior, S1, 18197 Granada. Prices are between 27€ and 40€. This circuit is smaller than the previous one and also has the characteristic that it is covered.

We hope you can enjoy this experience.

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