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Padul: Route of the Mammoth


When visitors come to Granada, they are always interested in the white villages of the coast or the area of La Alpujarra. However, there are others sites by the region of Granada which are worthy to visit and see. In this post we want to talk about Padul, a beautiful little village known as Villa del Mamut, in other words, the Town of the Mammoth. This little village is located between the city of Granada and the coast, so it's a nice place to do a break in your journey. Between Sierra Nevada, the coast and La Alpujarra, Padul is famous fo two main aspects: the natural environment you find surrounding the village and the archaelogical remains of mammoths near the Padul lake. The conjunction of both things can be enjoyed if you try the Route of the Mammoth: an easy circular path that surrounds all this impressive natural area.
The Route of the Mammoth is a really easy path with wooden panels and accessible for people with disabilities. It is a perfect place to have a relaxing walk with the family. Along the path there are tamarisks and giant reeds, and a wide variety of birds living in this natural setting. You can begin this route at Jardines de la Estación gardens, next to the Padul Town Hall, where there is an area to park the car. A series of monoliths with the three prehistoric animals let you get to the path you want. The routes start in the town and take you to the country, but we recommend you to also explore the streets and meet the people in this typical andalusian village.
We also recommend other two prehistoric routes that you can try even:
  • The Route of the Woolly Rhinoceros
  • The Route of the Sabre-toothed Cat

If your children are very into dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and nature, this is maybe the best place you can take them. They won't know if a big mammoth will appear behind them! If you need some useful information, this is one official webpage.

Thank you! :)

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