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Modern luxury villas


Dear guest, when you come to spend your holidays with us we guarantee you tranquility, comfort, relaxation and of course modern style houses. These houses have total comfort: private and heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, ensuite rooms, fully equipped kitchens, living rooms with Smart TVs. All this to ensure total comfort and that you enjoy a few weeks of absolute relaxation.

You will love some of our modern and avant-garde style houses, not only for having all the comforts, but also because in addition to having these comforts, you will have privileged views of the sea and total tranquility to be able to enjoy your vacation with total guarantee .

Among the houses that Grandes Villas offers you to enjoy your holidays we can highlight the following as modern and avant-garde:

Villa Aer Domus

Modern and avant-garde style villa built in 2020, located in the Urbanization “Monte de los Almendros” in Salobreña, equipped with the first qualities. Distributed on two floors, with 5 ensuite rooms, fully equipped kitchen, Smart TV both on the upper and lower floors, private and heated swimming pool, stereo connected by bluetooth, automatic blinds in the rooms, avant-garde wardrobes. All this for your total comfort. I leave the link to our website for more information.

Villa Libertad

Enclosed within this type of modern and avant-garde villa located in the Urbanization “Monte de los Almendros” in Salobreña. Distributed on 3 floors, with elevator, 4 ensuite bedrooms, private and heated pool, unbeatable views, modern and fully equipped kitchen. Comfort is assured.

Villa Mira

Maximum exponent of comfort and modernism. Located at the Punta de la Mona in La Herradura. It has enviable sea views, a huge pool bordered by a large garden as well. If you are looking for tranquility and relaxation this is your ideal vacation home.

Villa Golondrina

If you are looking for a house equipped with first quality, wonderful views and a pool with total privacy, Villa Golondrina is your ideal home. Located in the Urbanization “Monte de los Almendros” in Salobreña, it meets all the expectations of a modern house, equipped with the first qualities and comfort.

Villa Ocean Pearl

This luxury villa located in the Urbanization “Monte de los Almendros” in Salobreña was the most demanded house in the summer of 2019. It meets most of the comfort requirements: wonderful views of the sea, private and heated pool, living room and modern style kitchen , spacious rooms and most amenities.

Villa Alcazaba

This villa is surely the house with the best sea views of all that we have talked about. Located in the  Urbanization “Alfamar” in Salobreña, it has a private and heated pool, jacuzzi with built-in radio, indescribable sea views, 4 ensuite bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and living room.

Villa Esperanza

This villa with private and heated pool located in the Urbanization “Monte de los Almendros” in Salobreña, is a house that meets all the comfort and convenience requirements. It also has a private and heated pool, Jacuzzi, bluetooth with radio incorporated in the living room, modern and fully equipped kitchen, 4 ensuite bedrooms (including the master bedroom with hottub) and all the automatic house blinds, as well as views of the wonderful sea.

Villa Tranquilidad

Its own name Tranquilidad what in Spanish means peace indicates what you will find in this house located in the Urbanization “Monte de los Almendros” in Salobreña. In addition to comfort and relaxation with its 4 ensuite bedrooms, huge modern living room and kitchen, the pool terrace area has a private heated pool, Jacuzzi, a huge garden and views of the sea that you will never forget.

Dear guest, do not hesitate to contact Grandes Villas if you have any questions about any of these houses. We will be happy to help you.