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Mahalo Poké: Healthy Hawaiian Food


Dear guest, the Mahalo Poké network is characterized by establishments dedicated to poké, a traditional Hawaiian recipe that is served in a bowl with a base of rice, quinoa or mezclum (a mixture of lettuces), a protein supplement and different natural toppings. Its CEO is Borja España.

The word "mahalo" means "thank you" in the Hawaiian language and it is precisely this gratitude to nature for the products it provides that makes Mahalo Poké go for fresh and natural ingredients. In addition, they always carry out the preparations at a counter in front of the customer, who can choose from the size of their bowl to what type of dressing they would like to add.

Apart from the salty bowls, in this establishment you can enjoy starters such as salads, different types of hummus or edamame, among others. Likewise, they have a selection of natural drinks made with fruits and vegetables and made at the moment. In this sense, one of its main attractions is the coconut, which they offer halved with a straw, being able to drink its liquid and eat its meat.

Undoubtedly the star recipe for those with a sweet tooth are the so-called "Hua Bowls", a preparation similar to salty poké but which is prepared with a base of fruit cream, pieces of fresh fruit and different toppings to taste.

The space of this establishment is very well cared for and seeks convenience and comfort. Being a brand very focused on home delivery, it is not an excessively large place, but within its space it combines low tables with other high ones for a pleasant and fast meal, but always healthy.

Pokés have quickly become a growing trend, with a very clear target of people concerned about healthy eating, but also looking for a fast, affordable and quality option. For this reason, it has recently signed three new franchises to open in Zaragoza, Motril (Granada) and Nerja (Malaga).

Dear guest, if you would like to eat healthy, fast but also quality food during your stay, do not hesitate to call or go to one of the Mahalo Poké franchises.