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By Grandes Villas SL


avatar Grandes Villas SL 2 months ago

How do the speed cameras work in the coast?


Dear guest, to get to the villa you will surely wonder if there are speed cameras during your journey. And the answer is yes. Next I will explain in general terms the types of speed cameras you can find but of course, the best way not to think about them is to respect the speed limits.

Speed cameras

In Spain, by law, the driver must be notified meters before if a speed camera is going to be found with the phrase “For your safety, speed control” (in Spanish: por su seguridad, control de velocidad), then you will know that you have to respect the speed limits or you will be fined.

Within the speed cameras you can find speed cameras that measure speed at a specific point or section speed cameras. The section speed cameras (in Spanish you will find written in the highway: por su seguridad, control de velocidad en tramo) measure the speed you take from one point to another and perform an arithmetic average for that route.

We start from the assumption that you come from Malaga airport on the A-7 highway and then take the N-340 until you reach one of our villas in La Herradura, Almuñecar or Salobreña. According to the page of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic), you can find the following speed cameras that are detailed in the following link:

Mobile speed camera

These types of speed cameras are situated in different points and are guided by law enforcement officers. On the national road N-340 there are usually quite points with mobile speed cameras.

Dear guest, as I have said before, the best thing is to have a safe and calm journey and to respect the speed limits. Be careful on the road and have a good trip!