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By Grandes Villas SL


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Fried fish: how to cook it


Dear guest, besides from enjoying the privacy of your villa with a private pool, it would also be good to prepare a typical Andalusian dish such as fried fish or “pescaíto”. Next I will give you some information to know the origin of the fried fish and some tips to prepare it while you enjoy your villa.

The origin of this delicacy dates back to ancient times, from the Phoenician sailors who sailed the Mediterranean in the 13th century BC. Its trade routes brought prosperity and led to the formation of more than 70 cities. One of these cities was Sexi (Almuñecar).

Andalusian fried fish or “pescaíto”

• 1 kg of varied “pescaíto” (anchovies, squid, cuttlefish, pijotas, dogfish, squid, nettles)
• Chickpea flour (you have it in Alcampo, Carreofur etc, in the flour section)
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Salt
• Lemon for garnish
We start by washing and cleaning the fish. In a plate we add chickpea flour, salt and batter the fish. Next we prepare a non-stick frying pan with five tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. We light the fire and while it is heating, press the fish well with the flour and then shake it, so that it does not release that flour in the pan. Do the test and when it is very hot add a little flour if it sizzles, we already have the temperature. Fry the fish in batches, until golden brown. Prepare a plate with kitchen paper and when you remove it from the pan, let it rest on the plate to drain the excess oil. When it is time to serve add some lemon slices, which can be used to season the fish.

Dear guest, I hope you will try to cook it and it will as tasty as in the Andalusian restaurants. Good luck!