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By Grandes Villas SL


avatar Grandes Villas SL 8 months ago

Driving in the Costa Tropical: good access from Malaga and Granada


Dear guest, when you visit the Spanish Costa Tropical you want to have a good access to our villas by car from the different airports (Granada and Malaga), not too much traffic, good parking places and an easy drive.

The access from Malaga airport is really good taking the A-7 highway. The distance from Malaga to Salobreña is 100 km and you just take around an hour to get to Salobreña by car. It has been built the new highway A-7 just 7 years ago that connects Malaga to Almeria and you can drive a long distance in just a few time. There is only two disadvantages of this new highway: the traffic is really high during the summer and there is a lot of tunnels on the way. Once you get the Salobreña highway exit, you have to drive around 8 km to get to Salobreña on the National road.

The access from Granada airport is through the highway A-92. It takes around 55 minutes to get from Granada to Salobreña. The distance is around 80 km. the main disadvantage of this way is the high traffic during summer.

The parking places in the Costa Tropical, especially during summer, are difficult to find without paying the blue line tax. It means you have to pay a little amount (it is usually 1 € per hour) to park close to the airport. During the other seasons of the year, the blue line tax is taking off and you can park close to the beach without paying this extra tax. The situation changes in Motril, where the whole city center is full of blue line, but in the beaches of Motril you have a lot of parking places during the whole year without blue line.

In conclusion, dear guest, the access to the Costa Tropical is really good, the drive is stressful in summer but more relax during the other season and the access to parking places gets difficult during summer but in the rest of year you shouldn’t have any problem to park. Dear guest, if you need any tips or you may have any query about the drive in this area, please contact Grandes Villas. We will be happy to help you.