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Carnival in Andalusia


Dear guest, Carnival is a celebration that takes place days before Ash Wednesday, indicating the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar, hence its name carnem levare or remove the meat. It represents one of the funniest festivities in Spain, especially in Andalusia, where hundreds of groups and chirigotas get each year ready for their great week of celebration. For those who have never heard of chirigotas, it consists of musical groups that during carnivals sing verses or songs that under a humorous tone relate the current situation of the towns.

Below we review some of the most famous celebrations in honor of Don Carnal in Andalusia.

Cadiz Carnival

The Cadiz Carnival, one of the most famous nationally and internationally that attracts thousands of tourists every year, is the most highlighted date in the calendar of the people of Cádiz and the rest of the carnival lovers. And it is not for less, each of the groups chooses a costume that is common for all the participants and after characterizing themselves, it only remains to go on stage and sing the jokes that make the political class of the entire country tremble. These songs with satirical and burlesque lyrics make a fierce criticism of the funniest way available today. The King, the president of the government, the most outstanding news of the year and the famous people of the magazines are the main objective of these performances in the great Falla Theater. The enthusiasm that the people of Cádiz put forth every year, make the quintessential party of Cádiz has been recognized as Festival of International Tourist Interest together with the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and that of Águilas, in Murcia.

Malaga carnival

The city of Malaga, one of the tourist centers with the most projection in Spain, with the aim of turning spectators into protagonists, tries to bring the public closer to its Carnival party, which last year celebrated its 40th anniversary in the capital. The magical and famous Christmas lights installed on Calle Larios remain until this date, where they are used to decorate many parades and activities that take place throughout the city for this celebration.

Carnival of Isla Cristina (Huelva)

The tradition dates back to the late Middle Ages and they were of great fame and success throughout the Marquis. The fame was so great that during a crisis that hit the city in the 16th century, the King arranged a large sum of money for this celebration to take place. One of the peculiarities is its striking "Burial of the sardine" on Ash Wednesday. It is an ancient act originating in the southern peoples bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

This symbolizes the end of the pagan festivals and the beginning of the preparation for Eastern together with its stage of retrospection and redemption. A curious place to visit in Carnival and that will not disappoint you if you decide to come. In addition, its strategic location allows it to be close to Natural Parks and the beaches washed by the Atlantic. It was recently declared as Festival of Tourist Interest of Andalusia.

Chipiona Carnival (Cádiz)

Declared as Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia, the Carnival of Chipiona has maintained since 1984 the essence of the Cádiz carnival with dozens of activities that take place in its white streets until March 8. In addition, for the first time in 38 years, a man acts as the Piconero Mayor del Carnaval, a tradition that was historically limited to women and an honor for true lovers of the celebration.

Carnival of Ubeda (Jaen)

In recent years, the World Heritage city has promoted the growth of the carnival. The festivities begin with the proclamation and end with the Burial of the Sardine. There are nine days of celebrations in which last year the XXXVII Contest of Carnival Groups and the traditional Ochiada were held.

Dear guest, do not hesitate to contact Grandes Villas if you are in one of our villas during carnival and have any questions regarding the different places in Andalusia where carnival is held. We will be happy to help you.