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Biker route Haza del Lino


Dear guest, the route Haza del Lino is one of the best known and most frequented routes by bikers and cyclists. This route has numerous curves and spectacular views of the coast (including Africa).

The route runs from Granada to Haza del Lino, it is about 88 km long and the maximum height reached is 1300 meters.

The route starts from Granada towards Motril on the A-44 highway. After passing the Beznar reservoir, take the Lanjarón - Alpujarras diversion, leaving the highway to take the A-348 regional road. Afterwards, you pass Lanjarón towards Órgiva, following the same road. Pass Órgiva and continue on the A-348, towards Torvizcón (do not take the diversion towards Vélez de Benaudalla). Once past the junction, continue until an exit towards Rubite on the A-4131 regional road (you must take that diversion).Then you follow that road, without taking the exit to Rubite. The main road will take you to the Haza del Lino hill, where you will also find a restaurant. After this, follow the road until a diversion towards Polopos, the regional GR-6204. On this road you will have the best views of the coast and hundreds of curves to enjoy on a motorcycle. The road ends at the coast, where it connects with the A-7 motorway. Haza del Lino route ends here.

Cork oak forest during the route

If you like nature or want to stop along the way to stretch your legs, this route saves an incredible stop.

It is the most important cork oak forest in Europe and the one located at the highest altitude. It is only surpassed by those in North Africa. It also has the presence of a chestnut tree declared Singular Tree of Andalusia, with more than 300 years old. To cover its trunk, it takes 6 to 7 adults.

Another point of interest is the Haza del Lino restaurant.

Dear guest, of course you can also do this route by car with the family although children could get dizzy with so many curves so I recommend making frequent stops and if you wish you can take advantage of a stop to eat at the Haza del Lino Restaurant. Good luck!