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If you are looking for something to do as a family, Aquatropic can be the perfect way to spend a different and fun day. Aquatropic is a water park with a big variety of attractions very close to all our villas. Below I will provide you with all the information you need to organize your excursion. THE ATTRACTIONS
  • Zig-zag: Round and round from the top of Aquatropic. Access: Kids taller than 1,20m
  • Kamikaze: Attraction designed for heights lovers. Access: Kids taller than 1,20m
  • Hidrotubo: Throw yourself in the dark. It takes just three seconds to get to the pool. Access: Kids taller than 1,20m
  • Gemelos: Two toboggans, two people, only a winner! Access: Kids taller than 1,10m
  • Lago infantil: Pool for the kids with Little soft road and mini zig-zag. Access: Kids smaller than 1,20m.
  • Lago cascada: Need to relax? Stroll along Lago Cascada and let it drop water on your back. Access: Everybody
  • Piscina de olas: For larger and smaller, with three new slides, you can enjoy the waves. Access: Everybody
  • Zig-zag con roscos: Get on a float and enjoy this classic of Aqua Tropic. Access: Kids taller than 1,10m
  • Black hole: get on a donut and dive into the darkest of the park. Access: Kids taller than 1,10m
  • Jacuzzi: Relax in this huge Jacuzzi and enjoy the bubbles.Access: Kids taller than 1,20 or accompanied by an adult
  • Pistas blandas: Share the fun with three friends. Who will be the fastest? Access: Kids taller than 1,20m
  • Torbellino: Try the fastest spins until you sink through the hole from which you will fall in free fall. Access: Kids taller than 1,20m
  • Chapoteo: jets, water guns, hoses. The most fun for the whole family. Access: Everybody  
  • Entrance: Here you can get your tickets, rent lockers, hammocks and other services
  • WC- Changing room
  • Clinic: You can count on sanitary assistance
  • Ice-cream parlor
  • Barbecue
  • Restaurant “Pipote”
  • Playing zone: enjoy playing the foosball, sliders and ping-pong
  • Playground
  • Waffles
  • Souvenirs Shop
  • Rent of Roscos: necessary for some attractions. Rent one to avoid queues
  • Chill out “Havana”
  • Parking: private parking for visitors  
PRICES General tickets:
  • Adults (+16 years old): 18,90€
  • Junior (12 to 15 years old): 15,30€
  • Children (4 to 11 years old): 13,50€
  • Seniors (+65 years old): 15,30€
  • Babies (0 to 3 years old): 0,00€
  • 2 adults + 2 children: 57€
  • 2 adults+ 2 juniors: 59€
  • 2 adults+ 1 junior+ 1 child: 59€
  • 4 adults: 72€ (instead of 76€)
Groups of more tan 10 people: 
  • Adults (+16 years old): 16,80€
  • Junior (12 to 15 years old): 13,60€
  • Children (4 to 11 years old): 12€
  • Seniors (+65 years old): 13,60€
  • Babies (0 to 3 years old): 0,00€
 WHAT TO EAT You may bring your own food but you may not bring any can containers or glass into the park. If instead you prefer to forget about preparing food, inside the park you will find menus for the little ones and for adults. Among them the following: 
  • Chidren Menu 7,13€Classic Burger or nuggets + chips + soft drink + ice cream 
  • Italian Menu                 10,93€Pizza+ soft drink or beer 
  • American Menu 8,55€Gourmet burger + chips + soft drink or beer 

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