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Alpujarra Granadina


Dear guests, in this post we are going to talk about the Alpujarra of Granada. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Granada.So if you are going to stay with us, you can't miss what we are going to tell you.
So if you are going to stay with us, you can't miss what we are going to tell you.

The Alpujarra is about 1,30 hours drive from Salobreña. It is located on the southern face of the Sierra Nevada. It has a mountainous terrain, and a Muslim architecture due to the inheritance left by the Romans, Visigoths and finally the Muslims who had to leave Granada in 1492 with the entry of the Catholic Monarchs.

The Muslims stayed for about 80 years, until the Christians expelled them and this region was repopulated by peasants from different parts of Spain. 

Here we are going to show you the most significant villages of this region.

We begin with Soportújar, or as it is also known as the village of the Witches. It is due to the repopulation after the Muslims by inhabitants arriving  from Galicia. The neighbouring villages began to rumour that they were witches because of their traditions were differents.  This fame has caused the village to generate a lot of tourism. In its streets you will find images of witches and everything related to this world.

Órgiva is the capital of the Alpujarra and it is also the largest village in the region. This is where the administration of the area is located, as well as the commercial and judicial area. Órgiva is also known for its hippie atmosphere, as close by is the largest hippie commune in Spain (Beneficio). 

Capileira, another village to visit in this region. It is situated near the Poqueira ravine at about 1430 metres above sea level. From here you can see some of the best views of the Alpujarra. It is worth mentioning its historic Moorish quarter with a very characteristic layout of streets.

Pampaneira is said to be the most beautiful village in the Alpujarra. It is located in the Poqueira Valley, like Capileira and Bubión. Its houses are very characteristic, as well as its Berber architecture. 

Trevélez, this village is also situated at about 1400 metres above sea level. It is known for its ham curing. In this village there are several factories as well as mowers, all destined to the ham. Besides the ham you can also enjoy it is streets and it is people.

Besides these villages there are still a few more. You have to make a visit to this region. 

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