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Almería dugouts: the largest of Europe open to the public


Dear guest, the Almeria dugouts are a structure located in the city of Almería (Spain) as a result of the 52 bombings by air and sea and a total of 754 bombs fell the population suffered during the Spanish Civil War. It has to be considered that Almería was the last Spanish city that remained loyal to the government of the Second Spanish Republic and was not occupied by national troops until March 29, 1939. This led to the decision to build a system of dugouts, with more than 4 kilometers length in total, an operating room and capacity to house about 40,000 inhabitants of the city. 

These are underground shelters designed by the architect Guillermo Langle Rubio, at a depth of 9 meters. The 67 entrances were distributed throughout the city, ensuring that there was no more than 100 meters between them. There were even some private entrances, as in the City Council or in some churches. Inside there were galleries-refuge, with continuous benches for the population, and the so-called galleries-connection, narrower, designed to prevent the shock waves from reaching the refugee population. Of the 4.5 kilometers designed by the architect, almost a kilometer has been recovered, which coincides with the main artery of the city: the Paseo de Almería. They can boast of being the largest air raid shelters not only in Spain, but in all of Europe that are open to the public. 

It has the attraction of having recreated spaces: a pantry warehouse, the Guillermo Langle shelter and the operating room, with all the instruments of the time. The Civil War Shelters were designed in 1936, but construction began in February 1937 and was completed in 1938. 

As a curiosity, once downstairs smoking was not allowed, nor was it allowed to carry weapons and a code of conduct of respect had to be carried out with the rest of the people with whom the space was shared. War and political ideals were left on the surface to avoid greater evils.