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Spanish Vocabulary: Level2/ Survivor at the beach

Published on 15 May, 2018 by testeando

Spanish Vocabulary: Level2/ Survivor at the beach

Hi and welcome back to learning Spanish with GrandesVillas holiday rentals, in Andalusia. You are joyning us? Yes? Great. So, last week we have learned the basic vocabulary for going to restaurants, shops and supermarkets.

Today we will visit the beach of Salobreña and learn some more words. Let’s get started. ¡Vamos a la playa!


la arena – sand

la playa – beach

el mar – the sea

el aparcamiento – parking lot

en el mar – in the sea

el chiringuito – food stand or restaurant directly on the beach

espeto – sardines stock fish

You will find this mouth-watering dish at the any of the many food stands on the beach.

comer – to eat

beber – to drink

bronceada (for girls), bronceado (for guys) – suntanned

Normally an –a at the end of a word indicates the female geneder of the word.


Hace sol. – It is sunny.

Quiero nadar. – I want to swim.

Quiero descansar. – I want to relax.

agua – water

roca – rock

Necesito un parasol. – I need a parasol.

Necesito un toalla – I need a towel.

crema solar – suncreen

gafas de sol – sunglases

bolsa – shopping bag, plastic bag

feliz – happy

castillo – castle

montaña – mountain

costa – coast

barco – ship

el windsurf – windsurfing

helado – ice cream





Quick reminder of the vocabulary of lesson 1

Question number 1)

What are patatas bravas?

  1. Potatoes with delicious spicy sauce
  2. A tasty refreshing cold vegetable soup
  3. The name of the typical grilled stock fish that you can find at the chiringuitos *

*new word! 😉

Question number 2

Which beverage are the holidaymakers enjoying in this picture?

  1. cerveza
  2. vino tinto
  3. cava
  4. sangría

We hope you have started to make some good progress! The main secret is to be patient with yourself. Hope we can get your Spanish ready for your next holidays in Andalusia. If not, I am sorry, but then you have to stay at your beautiful holiday rental villa and avoid Spanish people. No, just kidding, you’ll be totally fine. Promise.

Your team of GrandesVillas holiday rentals.


PS: And by the way, the wright answers to the quize are A) for the first question and C) for the second question.

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