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A typical Andalusian dish: The Gazpacho

Publié en 28 avril, 2018 par testeando

I am sure you have heard of this dish before, since it is one of the most famous ones the fabulous traditional Spanish cuisine can offer you. Its origin is in Andalusia, where this tasty vegetable soup can be enjoyed in its most authentic form. There is nothing better than a cold refreshing Gazpacho, when the Andalusian sun is burning and temperatures are high.

Yes, you’ve hear right, this soup is usually served cold! I may sound strange to you, just as warm beer does to must people’s ears, but it is amazing.

Especially if you are planning some activities like hiking, cycling, swimming or any other sport, we would highly recommend you to try this dish. It is light in calories, all ingredients can be produced locally and it is not a heavy meal, except if you will love it too much and overdo it a little bit. But hey, you’re on holidays!

So, the main ingredients are tomato, cucumber, olive oil/ vinegar and garlic, however you can find many different variations and certainly one can become your favorite. Gazpacho with avocados, watermelon, grapes or seafood is just some of many appetizing options.

The copped ingredients will be chopped, blended until almost liquid (depending on your preference) and mixed with some chilled water.

Historically the Gazpacho was probably already served in Roman times and since then has kept its uniqueness as a refreshing and yet rich in vitamins meal.

Please, if you are looking for the original, come and visit Southern Spain, but don’t be surprised if every region is celebrating its own Gazpacho recipe, often labeled as the only “real &authentic one. And of course, ours from Granada region is the best!

You will be surprised about the creativity of the Andalusian cuisine!

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